MITT ROMNEY - Health Care

Romney states that in his first day in office he will issue an executive order to issue Obamacare waivers to all fifty states. It will be a top priority of his administration to repeal Obamacare with Congress as quickly as possible. Romney believes that the solution to Obamacare, after its repeal, is to hand back power to the states to decide which programs would best suit its citizens. And that the federal government's role will be to ensure that markets compete on a level playing field.

The three pillars of Romney's action plan consist of restoring state leadership and flexibility, promoting the free market in conjunction with fair competition, and empower consumers to make choices without federal mandates.


BARACK OBAMA - Health Care

The Obama administration championed the Affordable Care Act in an effort to provide more affordable health care for middle class families and small businesses. Obama believes this will provide transparency to the insurance environment and also protect consumers from being taken advantage of by insurance companies with regards to pre-existing conditions and removing coverage in the event someone get sick. Obama says that thirty-four million Americans will now gain coverage because of this act.

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