Romney believes that safeguarding the environment is an important measure of the president's responsibility. However, he also believes that it is necessary to take precautions to protect American workers in the process. Romney believes in heavily reforming the regulatory system regarding how our energy policies are handled. He has various proposals that would streamline the approval, funding, and handling of such energy programs which would work to increase efficiency in the system.

Romney also would put a focus on increasing energy production. He would facilitate a survey that would gather information on energy reserves in hopes of opening them for development. He would seek opportunities to build relationships with neighboring countries to achieve the increased production, including support of the building of the pipeline bringing Canadian oil into the US.

Romney also believes in providing alternative energy funding to basic research as opposed to special interest groups looking to play in the political arena.

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Barack Obama considers energy independence to be one of his administration's top priorities. His focus includes developing and investing in clean energy jobs to improve our air and water quality. The Obama administration has supported the clean energy field by creating hundreds of thousands of job opportunities in the past two years.

The Obama administration boasts the largest expansion of land and water conservation and protected wilderness in a generation. He believes in investing in off-shore wind farms, commercial-scale solar facilities, clean coal technology, and geothermal projects to increase our clean energy production.

Obama has set the standard for the auto industry to achieve average fuel economy of America's passenger fleet to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, which currently sits at 27.5 miles per gallon.

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