MITT ROMNEY - Education

Romney's stance on education centers around providing choice for parents regarding schooling. He supports charter schools and believes no parent should be forced to enroll their child at a failing school. Romney believes firmly in the pursuit of higher education, saying that it should not "be a luxury for the few." He believes that college should be an available and affordable choice for those who choose to pursue it. Romney also believes that improved education is achieved when governors are empowered to monitor and maintain the education system in their state.

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BARACK OBAMA - Education

Barack Obama has made great efforts to change the way student loans are handled. He signed into law legislation that allows borrowers to pay no more than 10% of disposable income to their student loan debt. This same law forgives any remaining debt after a twenty year period. Public-service professionals will have debt forgiven after ten years if all payments are made on time. He doubled government funding into Pell Grants, making the total recipients reach nine million from six million from 2008.

Obama also implemented Race to the Top, rewarding states for raising educational standards, improving teachers, and bettering struggling schools.

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